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Driven by innovation and guided by our commitment to safety, DuraFence offers a new paradigm in Clear-View fencing. Enjoy superior design, excellent durability, and unrivaled transparency with our world-class corporate fencing solutions.

  • Resilience

    Demonstrating unmatched durability and fortitude in our fencing solutions, mirroring the resilience we foster in every relationship with clients and partners. Our resilience assures lasting security.

  • Innovation

    Embrace the new, the bold, and the effective. Our commitment to ongoing innovation fuels the evolution of our products and services, ensuring we remain at the cutting edge of clear view fencing solutions.

  • Quality Execution

    Deliver precise and skillful implementation in every project. By ensuring consistent attention to detail and robust quality control, we provide fencing solutions that not only meet, but exceed industry standards.

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Clear-View Fencing Solutions

We provide 3 fence types tailored to your needs. Our team follows to your requirements and recommends the perfect solution for your project, whether it’s for your home or business. Our fences are durable and secure, with unique designs. Trust our experts to recommend the best fence that meets your expectations. Enhance your property and find peace of mind with our Clear-View fencing solutions.


Highly durable, modern, and secure solution suitable for any project. Compared to other types, this is the highest form of security in the market.


Enhanced durablity compared to our low security solution, perfect for home projects, pedestrian walkways, aircon enclosures, and small businesses.


Durable and versatile solution for animal enclosures, pedestrian gates, and shelter structures with modern guidance and maximum value.

We are DuraFence

DuraFence is a leader in the Clear-View fencing industry, renowned for offering top-tier design, installation, and supply services across Southern Africa. Headquartered in Johannesburg, our reach spans the entire region, enabling us to service a diverse range of clients with efficiency and superior craftsmanship. Our commitment extends beyond providing reliable security solutions. We blend professionalism, prompt response, and exceptional quality to create robust, visually appealing fences. With DuraFence, you're choosing an innovative partner dedicated to redefining the landscape of corporate security solutions, placing your safety and satisfaction at the forefront of our operations

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Our Industries

Defining security standards — Clear-View Fencing Across Industries

Why choose DuraFence?

At DuraFence, our success stems from a steadfast commitment to our core principles - superior quality, expert craftsmanship, comprehensive service, innovation, and customer focus. These values have served as the bedrock of our operations since inception, and continue to drive our excellence today. As a leading Clear-View fencing provider, we offer a complete suite of services to clients across Southern Africa. What sets DuraFence apart is our integrated approach. We handle all facets of design, supply, and installation in-house, fostering an environment of seamless collaboration that ensures top-tier results for each and every project.

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  • Superior Quality

  • Expert Craftmanship

  • Fast Turnaround

  • Innovation Driven

  • Customer Focus

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We are focused on stellar service that delivers the best possible project results.

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    Very good service. Great friendly communication. Paying attention to detail and troubleshooting with solutions that shows experience and skill. Neat and tidy, great work ethic and going the extra mile. Will even change your flat tyre for you


    Dean du Randt

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    Absolutely thrilled with the work done and how professional and efficient they have been! Thank you so much!


    Lindsy Goosen

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    I requested a quote for fencing around my pool and was so impressed with the quick response, the professionalism and the knowledge about the product. I would highly recommend DuraFence.


    Bjorn Knoetzen

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    Very good service, friendly, good product. Great communication all through the project.


    Sean Boshoff


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    Explore DuraFence's Latest Projects in Southern Africa. We take pride in showcasing our diverse portfolio of successful ventures. From commercial security to residential elegance, our projects demonstrate Clear-View fencing excellence. Discover how we've set the industry standard in design, supply, and installation.

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