Gautrain Midrand — June 2023

As a bustling hub in the heart of Midrand, South Africa is home to numerous businesses and high-profile establishments. One such establishment, Gautrain, sought to enhance the security around its premises while maintaining a professional and aesthetically pleasing environment. DuraFence was tasked with this challenge, and we delivered a cutting-edge Clear View fencing solution.

The project, encompassed a 400-meter stretch and was executed with unmatched precision and efficiency. Completed in June 2023, our Clear View fencing combines the best of form and function – providing Gautrain with a high-security barrier that doesn’t compromise on visual appeal.

DuraFence’s Clear View fencing is characterized by its robustness, slim design, and high visibility. These features make it an optimal choice for corporate solutions, as it deters intrusion attempts while preserving a pleasant aesthetic. This was particularly essential for Gautrain, which represents an important facet of Sandton’s public transport system and therefore needed to maintain an inviting yet secure facade.

Furthermore, DuraFence worked closely with the client to ensure that the fencing solution aligned with Gautrain’s brand image and values. The result is a custom Clear View fence that not only guarantees security but also reflects the sophisticated and modern nature of Gautrain.

  • Category

    Corporate Solutions
  • Client

  • Type

    Corporate Fencing
  • Length

    400 Meters
  • Location

    Midrand, South Africa
  • Start Date

    1 June, 2023
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